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Not only is the financial industry facing increasing demands, the demands made by the financial industry for their consultants are growing as well. Additionaly, as a highly specialized consulting firm for financial service providers, such as banks, investment companies, custodian banks, fund platforms, investment service providers, brokerage agencies and insurance companies, our own demands on ourselves and our team are increasing as well.


We lead people who are already developing the best solutions for tomorrow today!
We lead people whose job is their calling! For us, leadership means exemplifying our mission and focusing on our customers.


We practice our philosophy! Problems are just obstacles on the way to the solution.
Competence and a broad perspective, pragmatism and diligence are the tools to keep an eye firmly on the goal.



From coaching to consulting, from the software selection to the development.
We guide your projects and make every effort to achieve the best possible and most sustainable result for you.



For us, partners are companies whose philosophy aligns with ours.
We´re convinced by our partners because they convinced us.


We provide our services with a full focus on the challenge ahead. For us, this means: Together with our customers, we develop the optimal solution within the timeframe and the given budget. At the same time, it´s clear that this can´t always be achieved, since we can´t determine all the influencing factors ourselves. We nonetheless strive for perfection to live up to this promise.

Our assets are in minds, which we also permanently invest in. We don’t just focus on current topics but also market developments and trends. This approach enables us to already prepare our customers today for the challenges of the future.

We position ourselves as an independent consulting company. This means: Our recommendations aren´t based on commission payments or other benefits. We have a large network, cooperate with partners and talk to market participants. Our activities focus on finding the best solution for customers.

We are very proud that we can look back on our projects and say: “For the most part, we successfully completed the projects and sub-projects we were responsible for on time and within budget. Of course, this isn´t always possible, but for us it is a goal that we will never give up.”

Digitalization will continue to change the financial industry and is presenting many challenges. It is not enough to know only a part of this industry, instead one must understand its complex correlations and transform these into new strategies and processes for the benefits of the customers.

Ralf Strauss, CEO


Our service guideline is “All-around asset management”. This is determined by our customers as well as our services:

Our customers include asset managers, capital management companies, custodian banks, banks in the securities sector (security service providers), brokerage agencies and fund platforms. Institutional investors are also included by now.

We see our customers as partners. We are very proud that we engage in lively exchanges even outside of our project tasks.

Our services are focused and yet diverse. They are always oriented towards our customer´s needs.

We assist our customers in selecting and implementing software solutions and in the optimazation and automation of processes. This also includes the implementation of legal requirements and the in-and outsourcing of processes.

We don´t refer to ourselves as “strategy consultants”, but also advise on strategic topics, such as the selection of business partners. We clearly focus on operative topics and questions, such as:

  • Selection and introduction of front office and back office solutions (capital management companies)
  • Individual conception and implementation of software solutions (agile)
  • Agile project management
  • Risk management and performance measurement
  • Concepts for custody account and portfolio optimization
  • Compliance and product governance
  • KYC and Anti-money laundering
  • Securities and derivatives trading, their processing and valuation
  • Custody, administration and settlement of securities
  • Trading systems in banks
  • Fund trading and distribution
  • Data management and valuation, big data concepts, market data management
  • Implementation of legislative proposals
  • Concepts on sustainability (sustainable finance)
  • Optimization of front, middle and back office processes in banks and capital management companies
Due to the intensive support of capital management companies in Europe, institutional investors also approach us to set up funds in Luxembourg.

In principle, we only assist serious projects in this context, i.e. the investor must first undergo an in-depth examination by us. Thanks to this process, we have so far succeeded in setting up only serious and sustainable investments.

For our customers we assist with the structuring process, recommend appropriate vehicles and accompany the application process with the national regulatory authority CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier).

At the same time – if desired – we help selected business partners, such as legal advisors and tax consultants, directorships, capital management companies and custodian banks.

Together with our partners we conceive and develop individual software solutions which generally resolve very specific but highly complex problems. This particularly includes solutions in the market data environment, risk management or reporting solutions in the broadest sense, such as KYC or investment committee reports.
Trainings and workshops

Admittedly – we started developing a toolset that enables our customers to establish large-scale projects with the right configuration and at the right time. Based on our experience, the composition of project staff, the right mixture of internal and external forces, the project organization and leadership have a considerable impact on the success of a project. With this setup and accompanied by permanent coaching, the communication in the project and thus the delivered results are greatly improved. By avoiding losses due to friction, experience has shown that up to a quarter of the project costs can be saved.

Even we were surprised by how well this approach has succeeded. That is why we didn’t just continue developing the services ourselves but are also active in industries outside of the financial sector.

As you know, to guarantee effective and lasting quality today, it’s necessary to constantly develop the expertise of your employees by learning new skills. We see our training and workshops as keys to your success. These are divided into the four following service areas:

  • Hospitality: „The art of making people feel welcome“. In a team as well as towards your customers, a welcoming attitude and profound expertise are the foundation. To us, hospitality means: “exceeding expectations”. This is an important element in successful communication when dealing with internal and external customers
  • Empowerment: Do you want to set and achieve new goals, personally or in a team? Based on your own strengths and talents, we develop a vision and strategy for lasting success.
  • Leadership: Are your teams being managed successfully on every level in daily business or the project business? With leadership, you develop your own management style. A number of practical tools will assist you in this process.
  • Personal tools: Would you like to make better use of your time and energy for yourself and your team at meetings and in projects? We will show you useful tools that will help you increase your personal effectiveness while also ensuring that what you have learned can be directly implemented in daily practice.

Our trainers have many years of experience in developing talents as well as in supporting and creating development projects for your staff.


Our enthusiasm, with which we permanently examine the industry to find trends and tendencies so we can develop future-oriented solutions, is also a key aspect.

The knowledge of the European challenges, the specifics of the countries and markets not only secures the customer’s potential for growth but also strengthens positions and develops them in Europe.

We stand out not only with our industry knowledge that allows us to deal with problems without long training periods. Our enthusiasm, with which we permanently examine the industry to find trends and tendencies so that we can also develop future-oriented solutions, is also a key aspect.
We assist our clients with market entry strategies and the organization of settlement services even beyond the national borders.

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Together with our partners, we can rely on more than 100 qualified employees who approach changes in the market and the customers with perfect synergy and apply their expertise for the customers’ benefits. Qualification is the origin, experience is the path taken, expertise and dedication are the added value for our customers.


We’re not just looking for people!

We seek competencies that become part of the team and the solution.

We’re not looking for supplements, we look for completion.



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